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Get to know Miatta

Memories By Miatta's focus is to provide visual art that leaves lasting memories for a lifetime without you having to create these keepsake items on your own.

My Story

It all started when ….

Miatta was younger and fell in love with doing art in elementary school. Her school in Chesterfield County had a great art education program.

Years later, Miatta’s grandmother showed her a box of all her artwork when she was a little girl. With extra time during the pandemic, Miatta decided to dive back into her passion for art. Miatta has always loved the feelings evoked through keepsake items. Through this love and love passion Memories By Miatta was birthed.

As a mom, I understand the importance of cherishing every precious memory. I've always been the one to put that extra bit of thought and care into celebrations, gifts, and the little surprises that make life magical.

I believe DIY projects that turn into cherished keepsakes, every moment spent creating together is a memory in the making. Because guess what? I’m not just crafting products – I’m crafting memories.
So here’s to the moms who dream big, the kids who inspire us, and the messes that shape us. Join me on this journey as we turn creativity, love, and a touch of chaos into memories that will shine for a lifetime.